We aggregate and analyze business data

Sales & growth prediction. Fraud detection. Pattern recognition

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  • Petabyte-scale technology

    Throw everything at us. Sales data, web trackers, CRM numbers, payment logs, market reports.

    Data analyzed: bytes

  • Real time insights

    No more waiting for monthly reports. Our instant dashboard and threshold alert help you maneuver at critical moments.

  • Your dashboard ready in 24 hours

    Instant bird-eye view of your business 24 hours after you sign up. In addition, deep analytical reports will be available in weeks.

  • Discover hidden patterns within your data

    It is easy to overlook important signals within huge amount of data. Our solution unearths patterns so you can start asking better questions, and make better decisions.

Audience Insight

We help you understand your customers

Turn social media audience into customers and discover influencers among customers

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